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Technical University of applied science Wildau

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TUAS Wildau is a modern, aspiring practice-oriented technical university of applied sciences with academic traditions and global outreach. Wildau university has a rich heritage and a modern campus that will make you feel at home as you progress in your studies. Academic excellence, research based education, high-tech facilities, accessible, dedicated professors, friendly administrative staff and personal attention make studying at TUAS Wildau attractive and rewarding.

Technical University of applied science Wildau

Currently, more than 4.000 students are studying at TUAS Wildau. The location looks back on a long tradition: In 1897 the company Schwartzkopff, later Berliner Maschinenbau AG, set up locomotive works and an industrial residential centre which is now landmarked. In 1949 the related vocational school evolved into the Engineering School of Wildau. Educational programmes in Mechanical Engineering soon had an excellent reputation. In 1991 Technical University Wildau was founded, in September 2009 the university was renamed to Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. Besides degrees in Engineering, today there are offered study programs in Business Administration, Business Computing and Management Sciences. A hands-on approach remains the main educational characteristic. Cooperation Networks are connecting the university with regional enterprises and SMEs operating on international level.

The dynamic development of TUAS Wildau and its growing internationalization make the university an indispensable element of the scientific and economical landscape of the capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg. New learning environments, innovative partnerships, intercultural exchange, interdisciplinary solutions and international degree programs are in the focus. The university’s competences in applied research are reflected by TUAS Wildau ranking 1st in applied research among all Universities of Applied Sciences since 2001.

The graduates are specialists who are well sought after. With national and international partners TUAS Wildau cooperates for knowledge and technology transfer. According to a survey at human resource managers of major German corporations having been asked about their preferences in hiring graduates of German universities it became apparent that students of industry and practice-oriented degree programs were in the focus of interest. Among all universities of Applied sciences favored by 537 human resource managers TUAS Wildau and their technical degree programs achieved a top ranking. 

TUAS Wildau continuously develops international cooperation by pursuing inter-institutional partnerships, introducing its academic programs and individual degree courses at universities abroad and by constantly increasing the number of international students. TUAS Wildau has been collaborating with international universities for a long time. Beyond academic cooperation, student and faculty exchange are the core elements of the global approach TUAS Wildau champions.


Wildau is located right on the edge of the March (in German “Mark”) of Brandenburg, so called because it was once situated on the borders of the Holy Roman Empire. The town offers a pleasant atmosphere and is perfect for hiking, cycling, sailing, or just relaxing.

The German writer Theodor Fontane discovered the special qualities of this part of Brandenburg on his hiking expeditions. And it remains special to this day – a place in the country, a rural idyll, a restful place where the spa gardens with their shady trees rub shoulders with the old locomotive factory. The Schwartzkopff estate is an architectural treasure in its own right, and then there is the university and conspicuous numbers of young people, most of them students. The hum of the electric suburban trains and the crossing gate bells make up the authentic soundtrack to which the people of Wildau live their lives, and adds an extra touch to the typical Wildau flair.