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Structure of studies

We provide the best pathway to the German higher education

WFY program starts in mid-September and divided into 3 semesters (trimesters). Each trimester lasts 14 weeks. After each trimester interim examinations are scheduled. These are followed by two weeks of academic holidays. The last trimester concludes with an admission test to the field of Bachelor studies of your choice. In application for WFY you may indicate your subjects of interest, without making a final commitment.

  • Trimester 1: from mid-September to mid-December
  • Trimester 2: from early of January to the beginning of April
  • Trimester 3: from mid-April to the end of July

During the Wildau Foundation Year program you will acquire the language proficiency for your professional studies at one of the cooperating universities.

  • The first trimester is almost exclusively comprised of classes in German as foreign language.
  • In the second trimester German classes already combine German as specialized technical language and German as foreign language.
  • In the second and third trimesters additional subject-specific modules are offered to prepare you for your professional studies.
  • In the third trimester German language courses almost exclusively cover German as technical or business language.




Trimester 1

German as Foreign Language
English Language

Cross Cultural Competences
German Cultural Studies

Trimester 2

German as Foreign Language
German as Technical Language 

alternatively German for Economics 

and Informatics English as Technical


alternatively Business English

Informatics Basics 

Introduction to 

Basics in Technology

alternatively Business Basics

Academic Composition
Presentation Techniques

Trimester 3

German as Foreign Language: 

DSH preparation and exam

Informatics Introduction to Basics 

in Technology 


Methodology of Business

Academic Composition
Business Communication 

Digital Word Processing

For each trimester specific timetables are provided, they include information about the particular  subjects, the hours of study and the teaching lecturers. In general, classes take place daily from 09:45 to 15:00-16.30. Modules of each trimester are structured to prepare you for the respective interim exams. In case of failing an exam, you will have the opportunity to participate in a re-assessment session at the beginning of the following trimester. During your studies at Wildau Foundation Year a fellow international student, WFY graduate will be assigned to you to help you with your first steps in Wildau. These fellow students will make sure that you settle in fine and will guide you through administrative and academic chores of the first months. Don’t worry, it’s going to be fun! And next year perhaps you will become a foster-student!