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Living in Berlin - Brandenburg

We provide the best pathway to the German higher education

Berlin-Brandenburg is at the cross-roads of Western-, Central- and Northern Europe. This region is full of diversity, vitality and potential. International, multicultural, multilingual hub: people from nearly 200 nations live in the area. Universities, colleges, research institutes attract the brightest from around the world. Atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance and open-mindedness.  The newcomers and indigenous Berliners live together peacefully in cosmopolitan environment.

Berlin-Brandenburg is the capital region of Germany, the seat of the federal president, government and parliament. The region is an economic center with bright development perspectives and employment opportunities.

It is a scientific-knowledge point: nowhere else in Europe are as many institutions of higher education, science and research concentrated as in this area. The region boasts with a number of companies and enterprises that base their business development on scientific research. Place to study, work, live and to make dreams come true.

Today, thousands of people from all over the world live in the Berlin metropolitan area. Some have settled permanently in Germany and started a family. Others have come to study for a few years and plan to work in Germany for a while after they graduate to improve their career prospects when they return to their home-country. Their goal is to gain experience in Germany which they can then put to use later in their home country.

Embassies of all nations are in downtown Berlin, approx. 30 minutes by express commuter train from Wildau. Many of the embassies run cultural programs, have cultural and academic attachés, organize cultural events in Berlin and serve as the major cultural link between the home country and Germany. Besides there are various cultural events for the international community in Berlin and for Germans all year round, for example the Carnival of Cultures, an international festival where the nations living in Berlin present their culture.

The numerous supermarkets and traditional stores of different nations carry various merchandise and products directly imported from their home countries. You will not miss home flavors in Berlin!